$5000 to Support Stories by Children

A fundraising effort for Satayaa Africa's Stories After School Hours (SASH).

Being convinced that the best individuals to write Children’s Literature are children


Satayaa Africa designed its Stories After School Hours (SASH) with a mission to help children read effectively and write their stories. This is in response to the dying culture of reading, and an almost-extinct African Children’s Literature; and also as a strand of SA’s mission to help readers and writers’ succeed. SASH is focused on African children (starting from children in Nigeria) who are less privileged, bearing untold stories from their various perspectives and contexts that the world needs to read and learn from.

From a paid writers’ Master class for children in August 2019 after which an anthology themed ‘Souls of a Kingdom’ was co-authored and publicly presented by 4 authors between the ages of 7 and 12 on September 7 2019, we are convinced that we are on the right mission.


We started in March 2018 with a home for children whose parents are incarcerated and now, we have started implementing SASH in a local community called Kapwa in Lugbe, Abuja since October 2019. Our methods are borne out of our 3 – year strategy (2019 – 2021), themed ‘Communal Action to Inspire Confidence’, which emphasizes the instilling of confidence and leadership in children infused with lessons around Child protection. The excitement and eagerness to learn that we have found in these young Satayaans is so infectious, so much that we decided to share the gifts of their being and their stories with you.
Flowing from feedbacks received from the children, SASH has helped them learn new words, read stories with keen attention to context and given them the audacity to begin to write their stories.

Satayaa Africa is raising $5000 (One Million Eight Hundred Naira) in 30 days, starting from February 8 – March 9, 2020. We are going to use this money to:

- Continue to fund SASH sessions (buy books, take the children on excursions because a writer/reader’s mind is only as exposed as his or her experiences, fund volunteers’ logistics and so on);

- Promote e-resources on social media platforms so that children all over the world can benefit from SASH; - Publish Children’s Literature;

- Distribute Children’s Literature (virtually and in bookstores).

To Support Stories by Children:


Please send your donations to:

Bank: FCMB
Account Number: 6555124014
Name of Account: SATAYAA PRESS


Join Us

Participate in the Launch of an anthology authored by Children of Kapwa on Sunday March 8, 2020. It will be an evening of readings, inspiration and fun with the authors. This will take place at Kapwa in Lugbe Abuja, where we implement SASH. (We want the community to feel the impact of the change that the budding authors are making).



We appreciate your kind donation and we promise that your name is imprinted in our hearts and in Satayaa Africa’s Hall of Fame (which will be printed on the anthology our children will author and launch as highlighted above).


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