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    read books that are available to them especially when guided.
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    Many Adults
    are insecure about putting out their written works.
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    People want to see
    tangible results from reading

Empowering Readers.

Our mission is to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.


Satayaa Africa

It has always been our dream to impact Children, especially those who are not privileged to afford sessions on reading and writing. We believe Children have a lot of stories to tell and opinions to express. Actively improving their reading and writing skills fosters this. Read More

Stories After School Hours (SASH)

Stories After School Hours (SASH) was launched since March 2018 to help vulnerable children read and write their stories. Presently, Satayaa Africa implements this programme in Kapwa Community, Lugbe Abuja. . We have seen the Children experience tremendous growth in confidence, emotional wellbeing and comprehension within six months of their engagement with SA.

Writers’ Retreats and Master Classes

These are intricate experiences, where writers come together to share tips, skills and talents in a bid to motivate each other to shore up their appetites to write. Satayaa provides safe spaces for writers under themed meet ups like Write – a – thon and Writers Infusion.

Writing Master class and Academy for Children

Satayaa provides an extensive curriculum for children who participate in its writing academy. This is covers the intricacies of writing Children’s Literature and other forms of writing as may be desired by the Children. The academy is an extended version of Satayaa’s Writing Master Class. Our last Master Class in August 2019, birth four authors between the ageas of 7 – 12 who co-authored an anthology titled – ‘Souls of a Kingdom’. Help your child give his or her writing talent the attention it deserves by enrolling in these classes.

Editorial Services

Writing is just the first step. Then comes the waves and motions of editing. Satayaa’s team is ready to help you succeed by offering custom approaches to your writing projects. All you need do is send us an email.


Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.










What some parents had to say About us

Mr Odowondo

“As I parked my car, my daughter ran up to me sad. I asked her what the matter was and she said ‘Daddy it’s ending...’ I wish Satayaa Africa could do extensive programmes for children because this class really did keep them engaged”

Mr and Mrs Ikani

“Ethan is currently writing a book of stories all authored by him, he will need your support to conclude it.”

Mrs Bello

“I have seen remarkable changes in my children, they prefer to write and read now, than watch TV...”


Here at Satayaa

  • Reading matters
  • Volunteers get results
  • Data drive decisions
  • we Encourage Big challenges